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Award-winning AI turns your employee surveys and Glassdoor reviews into real insights. In minutes.

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Save time on analysis

Struggling to analyze large volumes of feedback? Reduce analysis time from weeks to minutes. 

Share convincing reports

Why did my score drop? Did a program work? Replace vague word clouds and anecdotes with charts.

Get deep & accurate insights

No more coding, no more bias. 
Consistent AI-powered analysis super-charged by your input.

Respond to changes faster

As issues emerge in feedback, 
learn what's new and act fast.

We deliver results & ROI in a cost-effective & scaleable way

increase in eNPS

See what your employees are trying to say

•  Why did my eNPS score drop this month?

•  How can I retain my best employees?

•  Where should we focus on to improve employee experience and reduce staff turn over?

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less analysis

saved in labour

"Love the ability to look at themes for different segments at a high level & then drill down"

Miguel Rodriguez
Head of HR Program Management

Loved by analysts, HR managers & industry experts

"We can deliver actionable, quantified insights - and without the headache of manual analysis"

Our champion
Director of Employee Engagement

"The results are the best I've seen from any text analytics solution
 I have tested."

Maurice FitzGerald