Based on interviews with Thematic customers, the Forrester Total Economic Impactâ„¢ study commissioned by Thematic identified the benefits, costs and risks of deploying and using Thematic. It found the organization achieved an ROI of 543% over three years. Discover how investing in Thematic improved CX, increased customer retention and saved costs.

Forrester finds $2.9 million value in using Thematic

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Timely and quality insights improved CX to drive incremental income worth

Increased efficiency of business operations valued at

Avoided cost of researcher time to respond to adhoc requests is worth




The transparency of the technology goes a long way in building trust with internal stakeholders. The team is willing to walk though how things are scored and what percentages mean. 

Market research program manager,
IT and services industry

Insights & research

Unlock the narrative between quantitative + qualitative data, while saving hundreds of hours

Prioritize and understand all the issues and pain points, without manual coding

Product management

Support operations

Use your customer support chat data to improve processes and avoid costs

Get clarity on what customers need to support initiatives that improve experience

Customer experience

What you can do with Thematic

Feedback made smarter, Insights made sharper

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The Total Economic Impact Of Thematic